Curiosity Jewelers prides itself in the distinctive services they provide, with the professional integrity you will only find in a Jewelry Store that has stood the test of time.

Curiosity Jewelers opened in 1964 as a small bric-a-brac shop called the “Curiosity Shop” in Cresskill, NJ. The original concept was to offer a unique multi-product experience by offering their customers anything from fabrics, to antiques and, of course, jewelry. The store evolved over the years and it became clear that many customers were more interested in the ever-finer jewelry being offered in the store. With this new emphasis on jewelry, it was decided to rename the store “Curiosity Jewelers”.

The next major change for Curiosity Jewelers was in 1995 when Anne Angioletti purchased the store from her partner and assumed complete ownership. Antiques were always among Anne’s passions, and over time she has added many unique items, including jewelry, and many one of a kind pieces to the store’s inventory.

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